ActionSprout makes finding shareable stories easy. The more relevant and engaging stories you post to your Facebook page, the more your audience will grow and interact with your content. Remember to share a bit of your own commentary with the post. Let your audience know why this is important, what’s at stake, what the story means or pose a question. 

Now that you’ve taken the time to follow topics, your Stories feed will begin to populate content tailored to your interests.

You can start browsing content by clicking the “Stories” tab in the menu on the left. When you open the tab, you’ll see two options — “Recommended” and “Trending”: 

Recommended Stories

Let’s take a look at Recommended Stories first. This is a selection of content suggested by real people who are experts in the topic — not just an algorithm. It’s a great place to find content that is hand-picked with care. 

You’ll see guidance above each Recommended Story explaining why it was chosen and why it should be shared with your audience. 

You can expect to see new Recommended Stories at least a few times a week — and in some cases, a few times a day!

Do be aware that not every topic in ActionSprout has Recommended Stories. Many popular topics do have the Recommended Stories feature, but if you’re only subscribed to topics without Recommended Stories you will not see any and will be prompted to check out Trending Stories instead: 

Trending Stories

No matter what topics you subscribe to, you’ll always have access to the Trending Stories feature. ActionSprout’s algorithm does all the heavy lifting and finds top-performing content posted to Facebook about your subscribed topics. Now, all you have to do is choose what content you want to share!

Keep a lookout for posts in the Trending Stories feed with the gold “Top Posts” label at the top. These posts have been performing especially well on Facebook due to their reach, engagement and timeliness: 

Not every post you share needs to have a Top Stories label, but consider it if any of those posts are a good fit for your page. There’s a reason why it’s doing well on other pages!

Searching in Stories

If you’re looking for something specific within a topic in Trending Stories, you can use the search function to narrow down your selection: 

In the example below, you can see stories that mention puppies in the animal rescue topic because “puppy” was entered into the search bar: 

You can also narrow down your search even more by specifying if you want to see link posts, photo posts or video posts using the dropdown menu that’s below the search button on the right: 

What helps a post perform well on Facebook isn’t just the content itself, but the shared text that accompanies it. 

If you want to see what other pages are saying about the content, click the three dots in the lower left corner of the post. Click on “Example Posts” in the dropdown menu: 

While you’re there, you can explore what shared text other Facebook pages are using with that specific piece of content: 

We don’t recommend copying the text from other pages word-for-word, but seeing how other groups are sharing their thoughts on a post can help you brainstorm about the way you’d like to share the post with your own personal spin that fits best with your organization’s voice and values.

Now that you know where to find content on ActionSprout, it’s time to start sharing stories.

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