ActionSprout is a Facebook Page app that requires certain permissions from Facebook in order to function and serve you. This began as a few broad permission categories, but has developed to be quite granular in nature. This is good news for Page managers, as it gives you even more control over your Page and how it is used.  

However, this can also create a situation where you believe you have given permission to ActionSprout to perform a certain task for a Facebook Page, but haven't. This will usually manifest itself as not being able to share/schedule content to the Facebook Page that is connected to ActionSprout. 

You may see a message like this after you click the share button on a piece of content: 

Here is how to fix it:

Follow this link:, and click Revoke for the Manage Page Posts permission in about the middle of the list: 

Then reauthorize it (by clicking the now blue Authorize button) and make sure that the Page in question is checked. Or, simply click Select All at the top: 

On the following screen, leave everything checked, then click Done. 

Come back into you account and you should be able to share/schedule content. (You may need to hard refresh the page first.)

If you still cannot share/schedule content from ActionSprout, please reach us at 

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