It's common for folks to use adblock and privacy tools when using the internet. These are usually downloaded and installed to the browser later, but they can also come pre-installed, or supplied by your workplace. 

These types of tools can block parts of ActionSprout's connection with Facebook that are necessary to work as a Facebook page app. In other words, they can break the linkage between Facebook and ActionSprout that is necessary for the tool to serve you. 

Here are a few common ways this can look

  • "Missing Access Token" messages: Access tokens can sound fancy or complex, but simply, they allow Facebook and ActionSprout to "talk" to each other and exchange information. Of course, for ActionSprout to function as a Facebook page app, and serve you, there has to be a connection between the two websites. Access tokens allow you to schedule content to your Facebook page from ActionSprout, display Facebook data inside of ActionSprout and a bunch more. 

  • Blocked Cookies: Cookies save a small amount of data on your machine, in your internet browser. This data is what keeps you logged into apps or websites, and how ActionSprout "remembers" you. It's common for internet browsers to block cookies as a form of privacy security. However, ActionSprout can't function if this is the case. 

Here's an example of what that looks like. You'll find a "blocked cookies" icon at the end of your URL bar. Clicking on that icon, and accepting cookies from ActionSprout and Facebook is key. 

  • Can't access the tool: Facebook "pops up" a sign-in window on your screen in order for you to log into the ActionSprout app. However, this can be blocked by popup blockers that mistake it as a ad or other bad popup. Therefore, clicking the sign-in, or sign-up, button can result in a spinning or loading screen that never ends. 

  • Being asked to repeatedly log into Facebook while using ActionSprout: Once you log into Actionsprout through your Facebook login, your internet browser should "remember" you are logged in, and keep you logged in while you work. No need to keep logging in. However, different security tools in the browser can cause this to happen. 

Here's a good example of an internet browser that is both blocking cookies and doesn't trust ActionSprout or "thinks isn't secure": 

Clicking on each of these icons and accepting cookies, or marking ActionSprout as safe, will clear this up.  

There are certainly other ways internet browser tools can interfere with ActionSprout's connection to Facebook, but these are the most common we hear about. 

The Usual Suspects 

The following are the most common plugin tools we see in use. Many other ad blockers are just variations of the open source versions of AdBlock and uBlock and work the same way. So you should be able to disable or configure them similarly as listed below. 


This app can allow ActionSprout to partially work when enabled. However, different dashboard elements and ad placement can get blocked. (Basically anything that makes an API call to Facebook gets blocked.) 

Adding site to the “Trusted” list resolves all issues.

Privacy Badger

This one will block almost all of ActionSprout and leave it unusable. (Blocks all Facebook API requests.) To use ActionSprout, make sure the slider next to the site is green.

This tool is NOT caught by ad blocker warning (it works in a different way; it doesn’t block ads, it blocks network requests)

Facebook Container

Facebook Container works by isolating your Facebook identity into a separate container that makes it harder for Facebook to track your visits to other websites with third-party cookies. In other words, it completely breaks ActionSprout and does so intentionally. 

Facebook Container also does not allow whitelisting or any other option to stop it from breaking the ActionSprout app. Don’t use this. 

AdBlock Plus

This tool cause issues if enabled but can be disabled on a per-site basis.

uBlock Origin

This tool causes issues if enabled but you can add ActionSprout and Facebook to the whitelist to fix this.  


Turning off or disabling ad blocking or security  tools when using ActionSprout should fix any issues you're experiencing. Or you may need to whitelist Facebook and ActionSprout domains. (This option can also be called "trusted sites".) If all else fails, switching to a internet browser without such tools installed, should do the trick. 

Of course if you need any additional help, we're always here. Drop us a message at or start a chat inside the app using our chat feature. 

You can always reach us, for any reason, at

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