Sometimes your Facebook Page permissions can be 'selected wrongly' and therefore you are unable to connect the Facebook Page(s) you are have admin permissions for to ActionSprout. (How to double check you're an admin on the page.)

Here's how to fix that. Inside of ActionSprout visit your Facebook Permissions menu: 

Find the Manage Pages Settings option second from the top. Click the Revoke button.

The screen will refresh. Now click the blue Authorize button:

This will open the following screen: 

Continue as yourself, to the next screen. Select the missing Facebook Page, and all other Pages you'd like to manage with ActionSprout. Or just select all at the top: 

It will ask you to confirm on the following screen, leave it on yes and click the done button at the bottom: 

Now come back to your accounts page in ActionSprout, and click the green add a Facebook Page button in the top right corner. You should now see all the Facebook Pages you'd like to manage with ActionSprout. 

Nuclear Option (Only if the above doesn't work) 

If nothing else works, there is also the nuclear option, where you can choose to Remove the app's permissions completely, and start the authorization process from the beginning: 

Again, here are the full instructions to do so.

If this is the case, please be sure to authorize all permissions asked for to ensure the app works correctly and completely.

Gave that a try but still cannot connect your Facebook page? We're happy to assist at 

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