As the coordinator of your organization's Facebook Page, it's likely you want to reach as many supporters as possible. 

There are many ways to do so, but we have found time and again, the most effective strategy is to practice "content curation". In other words, sharing the most popular videos, images and articles that pertain to your cause. 

The trick is to find and share this content to your Facebook Page with commentary from you that frames it for your audience. 

Our Stories feature makes finding this content super easy! That just leaves the choosing and framing to you. 

You can find Stories at the top of the left hand menu. 

The app will invite you to choose some topics to follow

Choose from popular Topics at the top of the menu: 

Or scroll down and find topic group(s) that relate to your cause to follow granular, related subjects: 

Once done, you'll have a daily feed of the best, most popular content around your cause!

Then, when you find a story you'd like to share, just click the Share button at the bottom of the story card: 

This will open the sharing menu to the right of your screen. This will automatically select the next best time to schedule the post to reach as many people as possible. 

Happy posting! 

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