If you manage a Facebook Page, you'll want to ensure that you've configured some of the more important parts of it, correctly. 

You can find these settings by navigating to your Facebook Page and clicking on the "About" section in the left hand menu. 

You will find most of the settings under the "Edit Page Info" link. 


This gives your Facebook Page a friendly URL that you can use to easily link people to your Page. 


This might be the most important part to get right. Certain features are only available to certain categories of Pages.  

For example, donations are only available if you choose one of the nonprofit categories. 

This is also what tells ActionSprout your organization is a nonprofit, and thus to offer you a grant account. This is the most often misconfigured setting that we see. 

About section

This is where you can tell people more about what you do. 

It's displayed when people search for your organization, and also may be shown when people hover over your organization's name in their news feed. 

Mission section

If you focus on solving an important issue, this is the place to explain what your organization's mission is. 


If you have a website, this is where you can enter it so people who search for you on Facebook can quickly get to your website. 


If you have a phone number you want people to contact you at, enter it so people can call you directly from Facebook. 


Give people a way to contact you via email. 


Enter the city and state where you are based so Facebook can help your content be seen by more people close to you. If you have a street address that people can send donations to or visit include that too. 

You can find further reading here. Or watch this video:

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