There are two ways ActionSprout may have your personal data stored in our systems. 

  • First you may have completed a social action 

  • Second you may have created a profile to login and administer an account connected to a Facebook Page. (Or was added as a teammate to such an account)

We believe people should be in control of their data and so we have made it easy for anyone to quickly and easily remove their own personal data. 

Removing Social Action data

If you completed an ActionSprout social action, we captured information you shared as part of that action on behalf of the organization who created the action. In most cases, this is your name, email address, and opt-in preferences. 

You may have this personal data removed from the ActionSprout system, which will remove it from all organization's accounts for whom you competed actions.

Removing user profile data

If you signed in to create an ActionSprout account you first created a profile for the ActionSprout app and then likely connected ActionSprout to a Facebook page which then created an account.  

User profile's generally consist of your name, the Facebook pages you manage, Facebook authentication information, and additional data related to app usage which is used to provide better support, security, and improved functionality.

Learn more about deleting user profiles and accounts. 

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