Do you have a pretty active supporter base on Facebook? You're going to need it if you want to run a successful donation appeal.

If your supporters aren't engaged enough to leave reactions or comments on your current posts, they likely won't be ready to give online. You'll want to focus on increasing your page’s reach and engagement first.

If you have the active supporters, ActionSprout makes it easy to raise donations for your cause via Facebook. At the heart of our fundraising tools is our partnership with Stripe, an online credit card processor used by thousands of nonprofits and companies worldwide.

Step 1: Set Up Stripe

To fundraise through ActionSprout, you'll first need a Stripe account. If you don’t have one already, you can create one here. Otherwise, follow this guide to connect Stripe and ActionSprout.

Step 2: Create Your Donation Action

Open the Social Actions section of your ActionSprout account and click on the Create Action button at the top.

Then choose Donation from the list of actions and follow the template to create your donation appeal. These best practices can help guide you through that. 

Step 3: Double Check and Post

Publish your donation action to Facebook by posting it as a normal post to your page. It will then appear in your supporters’ newsfeeds as they scroll through Facebook. This is how it will reach the most number of people. 

With ActionSprout’s smart scheduler, you can make sure your post is visible when your supporters are most active on Facebook.

Step 4: Post to Facebook at Least 3-4 Times for Maximum Results

While you don't want to bombard your supporters, it's important to circulate the same post 3-4 times. This ensures it has a chance to reach and engage the people who are online and most likely to donate at different times of the day, based on Facebook algorithms.

Each time you post something to Facebook, the algorithm matches the post with a small portion of users who it feels will be the most likely to engage with your content, based on their past behaviors.

In other words, each time you post, a new group of users will see it. You are not spamming the same people over and over. It actually increases your reach and engagement on Facebook. 

When posting your donation appeal the second, third, or fourth time, try playing with different language, images, and calls to action, too. This will help you get a better gauge for what your supporters respond to best.

Step 5: Login to Stripe to View and Access Your Donations

During the course of your fundraising campaign, you can view donation data as it flows into your Stripe account... And of course, then you can start using those funds for your great cause!

Find more information on exporting your donor data from ActionSprout, or check out our full fundraising help section here. 

Happy fundraising! 

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