Want to know who your supporters are and how to contact them outside of Facebook? With ActionSprout's mobile-optimized Social Actions, you can easily gather supporter names and emails through campaigns you post for your cause.

Whether you choose to post a petition, pledge, poll, or sign-up opportunity, our social actions are fully customizable and can take any form you need.

Please note: You’ll need a pretty active supporter base on Facebook (or a significant ad budget) in order to run successful Social Actions. If your supporters are currently not engaged enough to leave reactions or comments on your Facebook posts, they probably won't be ready to take the next step and support you through an action. Start by focusing on increasing your page’s engagement through content curation first.

Step 1: Decide what type of action you’d like to create

First, open the Social Actions section of your account:

 Click the Create Action button, and then you’ll see a list of action templates.

If you’re unsure where to start try a petition, letter, or pledge first. These tend to perform best on Facebook across a variety of organizations. Once you've chosen your action, it's time to create and customize it. 

Step 2: Build and test your action

Follow the template to create your action. Our social actions best practices guide can help you build an action that is social and engaging.

But before you launch it, make sure you test it carefully to make sure it works the way you want it to.

Step 3: Post your action to Facebook

Okay, got it all tested and ready to go? Now it's time to post it! The best way to publish your action to Facebook is by posting it as a normal link post to your timeline. This will display it in your supporters’ news feeds as they scroll through Facebook and reach the most number of people. 

Pro tip: Take advantage of the in-app scheduler to ensure that you’re posting your action when the majority of your supporters are on Facebook!

Step 4: Post your action to Facebook at least 3-4X

Obviously, if you're going to take the time and effort to put together a social action, you’ll want to reach and engage as many supporters as possible.

With the Facebook algorithm, that means posting your action at least three to four times. Why? Because each time you post something to Facebook, the algorithm matches the post with a small portion of users that it feels will most likely to engage with it based on their past behaviors. 

So don't worry that you're spamming people. You won't be. Each time you post to Facebook, a new group of users will see it. That's why we recommend posting three to five times. It greatly increases your likelihood of reaching as many of your supporters as possible.

Pro tip: When posting your action the second, third, or fourth time, try playing with different wording, images, and calls to action. This will help you to learn what your supporters respond to best, for use in crafting future posts.

Step 5: Using the data you’ve collected

You can find the contact info you've collected in the People tab of your ActionSprout account. 

For those who did give you their email address, we suggest sending them a welcome email with ideas for further ways to get involved. You may also want to add them to your supporter CRM or upload them to MailChimp.

In short, these folks have told you that they're passionate about your issue and want to hear from you again. So reach out to them and mobilize that passion!

Have questions? We’re here to help. Reach us at info@actionsprout.com 

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