Facebook can be a powerful platform for fundraising and social good. Here’s how one local nonprofit ran a successful fundraising campaign on Facebook — and found a puppy a new family!

Lifeline Puppy Rescue

Meet Lifeline Puppy Rescue, a Colorado no-kill puppy rescue that saves puppies under 12 weeks old from shelters or other rescuers that are not adequately prepared to care for or find proper homes for puppies. Recently, they launched a donation campaign on Facebook to help pay for the rescue and care of Charley the puppy.

Campaign Goals

Charley, the puppy, was transferred into Lifeline's care with two hip fractures. They launched a campaign to help cover Charley's medical expenses, which totaled $1,200. Lifeline's secondary campaign goal was to find Charley a new family.

Key Campaign Stats

“Overall the campaign was successful! Not only did we reach our goal in under 24 hours, but as soon as Charley went up for adoption he found a new family! The biggest donation to the campaign came from a volunteer who ended up fostering Charley. As soon as the campaign launched on Facebook, they immediately donated $300.”

  •   Two Facebook posts asking for donations
  •   7745 people reached
  •   169 post shares
  •   254 clickthroughs to the donation action
  •   24 donations ($1,145) raised through ActionSprout 
  •   $250 raised elsewhere


Before Lifeline launched the campaign on Facebook, Charley had been in their care for about a week. During this time, many of their closest contributors, staff members, and volunteers had met little Charley. They started by promoting his story to this "inner circle" of their most engaged friends, in hopes that they would see the post on Facebook and be more inclined to share/help as they had a personal connection with Charley.

Lifeline originally had a different plan to promote this campaign on Facebook; however, the initial surge of donations exceeded their expectations and caused them to change plans. Instead, they only posted twice asking for donations: once the night before he went into surgery, and an update after he came out of surgery, which asked for donations.

“We were strategic about the time and content of our post. We originally planned on posting six times over the course of two weeks to reach our $1,200 goal. Since we reached our goal in under 24 hours, we decided to switch the focus and begin thanking contributors and looking for a family for Charley. He spent two more weeks recovering, and we posted two more times about him. These two posts were about his progress, thanking everyone, and letting people know when he would go up for adoption. The final post was letting everyone know he found a new home!”

Campaign Creative

“Charley was a very rambunctious puppy, and we wish we could've gotten a better photo of him!”

Here's a detailed look at all of the campaign creative elements:

Charley’s pre-surgery post

  • Sets a clear, realistic goal
  • Asks for a small, manageable gift of $10
  • Cute, engaging image of Charley’s face makes supporters stop scrolling and pay attention
  • Includes a large, clear call to action: “Will you help Charley?” 
  • Connects readers to the cause through the power of storytelling

Charley’s post-surgery post

  • Includes progress towards goal
  • Uses optimistic and uplifting language 
  • Cute, engaging image of Charley’s face makes supporters stop scrolling and pay attention
  • Includes a large, clear call to action: “Will you help Charley” 
  • Asks for a small, manageable gift of $10

Charley’s donation page

  • Goal bar to show progress against their goal
  • Stripe integration offers a quick, mobile-optimized donation experience 
  • Connects readers to the cause through the power of storytelling

Campaign Lessons and Takeaways

“We were very happy with the tools that ActionSprout offered. Our contributors love to see how many people have helped, how much more help is still needed, and then able to contribute themselves quickly... We learned not to directly asked for donations, however; it's better to start out in a more subtle way of explaining the story and at the end ask for a small donation or help.”

  • Take advantage of engaging images and storytelling to pull potential supporters in. 
  • Be clear with supporters about your goal for the campaign and tie it to concrete results.
  • Keep supporters in the loop as the campaign progresses. 
  • Make sure that your donation pages are optimized for Facebook and mobile devices. Through the use of an ActionSprout donation action and Stripe payments, Lifeline made giving fast and easy from any device. 

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