The Wilderness Society is using a new strategy to grow its Facebook page—and save time to boot. In fact, more and more social media managers are finding success with this technique.

The key to growing your page is to regularly post great content, whether that’s your own unique content or shared content from other sources.

The problem is, it’s hard to predict which posts will perform well with your audience.

That’s why we developed a tool that changes all that. Inspiration finds proven, high-quality content and collects it all in one place for easy browsing.

We asked The Wilderness Society (TWS) to walk us through their strategy and success with Inspiration.

The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society has built up one of the best-performing pages in the environmental community. Currently, their Facebook page has 372,493 likes and it posts content 2–3 times a day.

Inspiration has helped them continue the momentum. Inspiration focuses on over-performance, showing you only the best content in your network. For example, if you are looking at a Page that normally gets 50 likes per post and their newest post has 300 likes (600% over performance), that’s the content you should use.

On a typical day, they usually check their Inspiration feed 1–3 times, scanning for shareable content that is performing above 200%:

“We’re typically looking for content that Wilderness Society users may be highly interested in, or content that is performing robustly for other groups and that will perform well with our audiences. I like Inspiration’s performance data at the top of each post, as this allow me to cut straight to the best content and spend less time culling through mediocre posts.”

These daily checks have saved TWS a couple of hours each week, which they would have spent browsing Facebook to find great content. They now find and post 1–3 high-quality posts per week from Inspiration and see them resonate with their audience.

“I see a greater variety of content, and not just the content that Facebook thinks I want to see. This allows me to do less searching and fewer visits to specific pages to find good content to share. It also helps surface worthy news from organizations that we’ve been following on Facebook for some time, but whom I’ve never once seen pop up in our Facebook news feed.”

This has introduced them to high-performing content that they may not have seen otherwise, that then went on to over-perform on their own page:

“We found this cute bear wrestling video from the Interior Department on Inspiration. It was our highest performing post of the week and inspired a high rate of commentary. Before Inspiration, it’s possible we may have found this post through a regular search of the DOI feed, but it’s also possible we would have missed it or come to it a day after it was posted."

"This is the type of post our followers love and we wouldn’t want to miss sharing a spectacular video moment like this one—a moment that highlights the precious reasons we protect wilderness. Inspiration ensured that we didn’t miss this video and helped us find it shortly after DOI posted it—I believe within the hour.”

But Inspiration can be more than finding and posting great content. You can also draw “inspiration” from your feed and create unique new content based on what you find.

It’s also great for social listening:

“On occasion I use it to see how like-minded organizations are responding to breaking news or other events—specifically to see how followers of like-minded groups or news orgs respond to certain news items.”

The pages you follow in Inspiration are not notified in any way that you follow them. This allows you to follow pages that you normally wouldn’t publicly.

But most importantly, it’s essential to follow like-minded pages that have a similar mission and audience to your own:

“[We follow] other nonprofit conservation groups, Governmental agencies like the Interior Department, and environmental publishers like Grist and Treehugger. We follow these to see what other similar groups are doing on social.”

Let’s recap the main points:

  •  The number one way to grow your page is to consistently post over-performing content. 

  •  Repost your own over-performing content and share others’ for maximum growth and engagement. 

  •  Check Inspiration every day for greater success and growth.

  •  Follow pages in Inspiration that you wouldn’t publicly, and practice social listening. 

  •  Use Inspiration to learn what’s trending and to gain ideas for your own original content.

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