ActionSprout starts with nonprofits: 

At ActionSprout, we’re on a mission to help organizations make Facebook the most powerful platform in the world for good. Nonprofits work everyday to make the world a better, healthier, and more just planet. Platforms like Facebook empower people to connect in new and compelling ways everyday. And nonprofits actually have a huge advantage on Facebook! 

As a nonprofit, you share content on Facebook that people care about and want to be seen sharing. Your content informs people on subjects they care deeply about. This is content your supporters want to share because they think it can help their friends and family too. 

Through the natural desire to share your content, your Facebook supporters help spread your content to those outside of your current page fans and followers. This is free reach! 

ActionSprout is a platform that makes it easy for nonprofits to maximize that advantage on Facebook. Plus, we keep up with Facebook so that you can focus on being the nonprofit hero you are. Your work is too important to fail, so we built our entire tool set with you and your mission in mind. 

Don’t just reach more people, engage them! 

Reaching supporters on Facebook is important but knowing what to post to reach people can be difficult. 

Our Stories tool surfaces the most engaging content around the topics you've chosen.
Everyday, you’ll be one of the first to see the most popular articles, videos and images for topics related to your cause. By sharing this popular, highly engaging content on your own page, you will reach and engage more people. Just include some commentary of your own to start the conversation! 

But that's not all! You'll also receive Recommended Stories to share on Facebook. Recommendations come from subject matter experts and those working in the field. This is hand picked, vetted content. 

When you’re ready to share, we’ll help you schedule the post for the next time a majority of your audience is on Facebook. This comes from your Page's insights and is unique to you. That means you’ll reach as many supporters as possible! 

Take ActionSprout with you

We have a free mobile app for Apple and Android devices. 

Browse Stories anyway and use the Smart Scheduler to share them when your Page fans are online. 

No more guesswork. Learn why some posts do well while others don’t 

For better or for worse, Facebook can be a black box. We have theories about why one post received more comments than another, but we’re never really sure. But by analyzing millions of Facebook posts, we’ve identified patterns that influence more people to leave a reaction, comment or share. 

To improve this, the Timeline section of your account is rich with meaningful data you can actually use: 

Using Facebook metrics and patterns of successful posts, our Timeline feature can help you identify your most engaging posts and how to recreate this success again. You’ll receive actionable suggestions and tips so you can post and share even more engaging content everyday. 

Build your email list, not just your Facebook Page 

Collect names and email addresses from your most engaged Facebook followers! ActionSprout’s Social Actions work in Facebook and are optimized for mobile devices. Supporters never leave Facebook and can complete your Social Actions in a single click! Social Actions can be petitions, polls, pledges and so much more!

Contacts collected through Social Actions engage with and commit to causes more than people who sign up elsewhere. Names and emails are securely stored inside your ActionSprout account where they can be viewed and exported anytime. 

Come say “Hi” 

We could honestly spend all day sharing the ways ActionSprout serves you, but instead let us show you! Sign up for ActionSprout for free and invite an unlimited number of teammates to join you. Accounts are free, until you decide to upgrade. We never ask for credit card during signup and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime. No contracts or catches. 

We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a note at or chat us live on our website. 

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