Smarter action links

Action links are now even smarter! When you use the links people will get the most optimized experience for the action based not only on what type of device they are on but based on where they came from. For example if they were on a computer browsing Facebook […]

Easier posting of actions and reshares

We’ve standardized and expanded the way to share things from ActionSprout. Whether it’s an action you created or a piece of content you found the way you use it is the same throughout the system now. Simply hit share and you’ll be able to compose a Facebook or twitter post […]

Exporting data

One of the most powerful things ActionSprout allows you to do is export your campaign activity for use across your other communication tools. (In order to export the data you have collected through ActionSprout, we ask you be on a Silver plan or higher. See our pricing page for more […]

What data is available through actions?

By default ActionSprout actions always capture the following information as supporters take action: Public profile, name Friend list (In order for supporters to quickly share the action with their friends) Email Current city Donation amount (If applicable) You’ll find this information in your supporters profile under your people tab and […]

Privacy of your supporters

ActionSprout is a powerful social engagement tool that helps nonprofits reach and interact with real people and work to convert them into loyal supporters. It’s important throughout this relationship-building process to respect people’s privacy and not misuse any information you may have. ActionSprout collects a lot of data both, implicitly […]

Action Tagging

ActionSprout allows you to tag actions with any tag for ease of use and organization. Tags are completely open ended with no default tags or shared tags across the app. Your tags are uniquely yours to do anything with. Note: Tags are completely internal. They do not effect your actions […]

Facebook Pixels: Tracking on Actions

A few housekeeping notes: 1.) This is a technical guide that will show you how to include a tracking pixel in your action(s). For more in-depth help and explanation on Facebook conversion tracking please visit Facebook’s help article. 2.) The current platform only supports Facebook’s new pixel. More information and […]

How to Create a Donation Action

ActionSprout, with Stripe integration, is a quick and effective way to receive donations through your actions on Facebook. In this guide we will teach you how to use ActionSprout and Stripe together to raise money on Facebook. Note: See our guides on how to create a post action donation and how to […]